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Mike O'Callaghan of O'Callaghan Painting is a vendor that has consistently proven to be of superior quality, professionalism and dedication to the job that far exceeds his competitors. When O'Callaghan Painting is called in to do either exterior or interior painting, I know that the outcome will meet or exceed our expectations. We will continue to use O'Callaghan Painting for futrue painting projects.



Corinna Lowe

Regional Portfoloi Manager,

Paramark Corportaion


I was refered to Mike approximately three years ago while seeking painting vendors for a large project at a homeowners association I mamage in Savage MN. The project had been partially completed by another vendor, and things went bad. Mike stepped in with a good proposal to finish the project and was awarded the job. The particular circumstances surrounding this job were difficult for anyone to have stepped into, but Mike put forth a great effort and finished the project. The final results were terrific, much to my relief and satification and that of the board of directors of this association. Everyone who worked with Mike on this project was very pleased with him as a person and his preformance. Since then I have worked on other projects with Mike, he has always preformed beyond expecations. His pricing is always reasonalbe and his work first rate.


Matt O'Brien

Cornerstone Properity Manager

It is my priviledge to recommend the O'Callaghan Painting Co. for all your home or business painting needs. I have had the great fortune of working with Mike as he has handled all of my painting needs at Gladstone Apartments in Mlps. During this time, his professional attitide and attention to detail have convinced me that Mr. O'Callaghan is not only a great professional but a great person. Mike arrives on time to appointments and present himselves in a clean professionsal manner. The ability to be flexible is one of the aspects of the company that I appreciated the most. In the apartment rental business situations arise that you have to be able to go with and Mike  always handled the situation head on while keeping a postive attitude. Mikes experience and knowledge of the industry is a reassuring quality that other painting contractors do not have. You can see this in his quality, professionalism and commitment to complete any project to the highest of standards.


Christopher J. Eichinger

Resident Manager 

Gladstone Apartments. Mpls MN



I have known Mike for for over 14 years. During that time I have had hired him several times for both interior and ecterior painting of my home. Mike is with out a doubt the best painter I have ever hired. He has always done an excelent job for me. As a bonus he has a tremendous personality and a great sense of humor.


Have a great day

Steve Kloyda

Rosemount MN

I am very impressed with the painting of my home on several occasions. You were timely and efficient. I was able to tend to my own needs and not watch what needed to be done. Everything was done well and cleaned up afterwards, I have gladly refered O'Callaghan Painting to all friends and family.


Beatrice Berg

Shakopee MN

This letter is meant to convey my whole hearted recommendation of O'Callaghan Painting for both interior and exterior work......Michael has been painting my homes and has always done and excellent job.He is professional and courteous to work with and he was on schedule or communicated to me if there were days he was running slightly behind. I remember a  specific situation where Michael gave me advice

stainning millwork advice on site that saved me time, money and aggravation with completing the millwork installation better than previously planned. 

You will be happy and satified if you choose Michael for your painting needs. His prices are reasonable and his work is excellent.


Patrick Wier

Owner of Wier Properties


I've known Mike for 14 years now. He's thorough, reliable, fairly priced and has always met or exceededmy expectations. When I have a job to do I call Mike no one else.


Peter Meeh

New Prague MN


Michael solved a troubesome peeling issue we had on two exterior walls of our home.Several other painting contractors were unable or unwilling to tackle the problem. Micheal took a new approach and as a result we were finally able to put that issue to rest. Michael has proven to be reliable, provide quality workmanship and has priced his services very competitively 


Steve Filipas

Apple Valley MN

Michael O'Callaghan  As the pastor at Grace Luthersn Church, I can not express how deeply grateful I am for you. Your offer to help clean up after our church was vandalized was so unexpected . You are not even a member of our church but you came over to remove the graffiti on the outside of the building was especially meaningful in light of the funeral we had the next day. The funeral was for a 6 year old child and knowing his family would arrive and see their church as they have always remembered it, without the words and symbols of hate brings me to tears.


God's Blessing 

Therese Helker

Pastor Grace Lutheren Church

Apple Valley, MN


We used O'Callaghan Painting to stain and seal a new addition to our house. We were so pleased with the the way the job turned out and impressed with how quickly it got done. We cant think of any negitives only positives with the experience. Friendly, Professional, Reliable and Experienced, these are the words we would  use to describe O'Calllaghan Painting.


Bill Loesch

Hastings MN

My husband Fred and I hired O'Callaghan Painting to paint the outside of our home last fall. He  did a professional job on our house. He was quick neat and clean. We were very pleased with the work. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a painting project completed in a professional timely manner.


Grayce Kadelbach

Elko MN

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